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Cloud Communications and Hosted Solutions

The Cloud

Cloud Telephony

The pitfalls, challenges and benefits of migrating to cloud based communications.

Why Cloud?

With a cloud phone system you can use any phone, anywhere.

Cloud Architecture

X-on Cloud Architecture allows agent connectivity on any device, in any location.

Contact Centre

Contact Centre

X-on Contact Centre powers thousands of call centre agent positions.

Cisco Replacement

Effective replacement for Cisco Unified Contact Centre with savings on connectivity.

Professional Services

Your successful Cloud Contact Centre deployment enhanced by our Professional Services.


System Resilience

Dual data locations and comprehensive backup ensure services remain online 24/7.

Approved Equipment

Equipment that has been tested and approved for integration into X-on systems.


VoIP Connection

VoIP Setup and Connectivity Requirements to ensure call quality.

VoIP Virtual Numbers

High quality low cost global connectivity via international Virtual Numbers.

VoIP Information

VoIP allows users to enjoy low cost untimed phone calls via broadband.


SIP Trunking

Make calls using broadband, providing business quality phone calls at lower cost.

Call Quality

An insight into the effects of bandwith determined compression on call quality.

Dedicated Connectivity

Incorporate Broadband and Ethernet connectivity to maximize call quality.

Number Porting

Porting your phone number to and from X-on.


Addressing VoIP data security with regard to the HSCN.


Connectivity options for Phone and Video in General Practice.


Voice Recognition

Efficiently manage complex customer transactions at low cost compared to hardware.

Speech Synthesis

Convert Text to Speech for alert phone calls and SMS to voice.



Compliance with the MiFID II call recording requirements.


EU General Data Protection Regulation ensuring personal data security.

Vaccination Reminders

EU General Data Protection Regulation compliance information.