Voice Recognition allows your business to efficiently manage complex customer transactions at a relatively low cost

Voice Recognition

Efficient Customer Transactions

Voice Recognition allows your business to efficiently manage complex customer transactions at a relatively low cost compared with a commitment to hardware and software technology that quickly becomes outdated.

X-on Hosted IVR Voice Recognition (VR) and Speech Recognition (SR) systems include all the features of the most powerful Call Centre including complex call routing and recording facilities.

Natural Voice Interaction

Telephone voice interaction is more natural than more traditional touch-tone voice response systems and provides broader access to information, reducing any frustration associated with touch-tone menus.

As an example, alpha entry can be awkward as each touch-tone digit may represent up to four letters. Voice Recognition allows for caller input via speech. Technological advances in both application and processing power have resulted in greater acceptance and accuracy of voice recognition systems.

Improved Call Accuracy

Voice Recognition improves call accuracy as callers can focus on the information they need, without worrying about which digits to press.

Voice and Speech Recognition technology makes it possible to handle more complex calls, such as callers providing a name and address. X-on systems integrate Voice Recognition into our IVR technologies, allowing for both voice and touch-tone entry via the single user interface of the telephone.

Our IVR systems can successfully integrate outsourced Voice Recognition technology seamlessly into your customer support, providing your business with a sophisticated and professional public interface without the commitment to an in-house system.

VoiceXML Compatibility

VoiceXML (VXML) is the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard format for interactive voice dialogues with computer speech recognition systems. VoiceXML documents are interpreted by voice browsers integrated with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), allowing users to interact with voice applications via the telephone. VXML incorporates the benefits of web based development and content delivery with interactive voice response applications.

Commercial VoiceXML applications have been deployed across a wide array of industries answering millions of calls every day, including many government services, the insurance and financial sectors, retail outlets, telecommunications companies, plus transportation, travel and hospitality.

Some of the applications include directory assistance, customer relationship management, service information, order enquiries, emergency notification and voice access to email.

X-on employs the latest standards in VoiceXML, providing reliable and secure integration of our Voice Recognition and Telephony services.

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