Surgery Connect incorporates an End User Survey that can be incorporated into calls

User Satisfaction

Assess and Report End User Satisfaction

July 2020

Surgery Connect incorporates an End User Survey that can be incorporated into calls on either a random, per service or universal basis. It includes the option to change text and branding

End User Survey

End User experience is combined with log information to create a full analysis of the performance of the video connection, both on a per-session basis and on a statistical basis across the board.

The screenshot below shows a call by call analysis of performance and includes data on browsers, connection speed and subjective user experience where recorded.

Captured data includes:

  • Call date and time
  • Bandwidth available at patient side
  • Duration of call
  • Whether patient opened the email/SMS
  • Delay before opening
  • Whether permission was given for microphone and camera
  • Device type
  • Device operating system
  • Device browser
  • Errors encountered
  • Comments from the patient
  • Whether the video call reverted to a PSTN phone call (if feature adopted)
Non-product Specific Framework Example

Feedback Results to the Customer

The data displayed above can be reflected back to the customer on an anonymised report, either on a summarised or individual basis.

Reports can be delivered to individual providers in a multi provider delivery model, or summarised across the NHS111 estate.

Subject to further discussion, data sharing agreements and resources available to the customer, there is sufficient data to support a proactive complaints handling process.

Continuous Improvement

The data above is constantly monitored by X-on customer service staff and delivered back to the X-on Development team for analysis and product improvement.

As an example, a recent release of the iOS Operating System 13.4.1 contained a bug which prevented the users obtaining access to the camera. Through monitoring, the X-on team was able to immediately detect the problem before it became released into the public domain. In this case it was possible to create and release a workaround in a couple of days so impact on success rates was not significant. Apple released a fix for the bug in 13.5, however we did not see this reaching user devices until about 3 weeks after the problem was detected.

X-on has a commitment to invest in continuous improvement and welcomes good and bad feedback from customers and patients.

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