X-on SIP Trunk can be used to receive and make calls using broadband or other data connections instead of traditional phone lines

SIP Trunking FAQs

Settings, Quality, Free Calls

Can I use my existing numbers?

Yes you can keep your existing phone numbers. We'll port your numbers to the X-on Network.

What settings will I need?

Allow 100Kb/s per phone call in either direction i.e. upload and download speed (upload speed is usually slower). It is preferable to use a dedicated connection for telephone traffic and not to share it with data traffic.

Will the quality be as good as my landline calls?

If you opt for 'non-compressed' phone calls the call quality should be as good as it would on an ISDN phone line. There might be a slight reduction in call quality with 'compressed' calls, but not noticeably.

What happens if my broadband or Internet connection goes down?

X-on SIP ensures communications are reliably maintained during any outage or emergency situation. Temporary relocation can be easily accommodated with X-on SIP trunking and without the usual associated call forwarding costs.

Can I use a SIP trunk to make free calls to home working or mobile users?

SIP trunking enables free calls between IP sites, enabling free calls via VoIP phones.

Can I use a SIP trunk to connect to other offices, including the transfer of inbound calls?

Yes calls be transferred to staff in other offices for no additional cost.

Can I just use a SIP trunk for inbound calls, or just for outbound?

A SIP trunk can accommodate both inbound calls and outbound calls, providing a phone connection that will mirror any existing connection.

Can I migrate a SIP trunk to a completely hosted solution without a Phone System?

X-on SIP trunking can be integrated with our PhonePresence Cloud Phone System, providing a complete phone solution at a fraction of the setup and ongoing costs of traditional systems. Speak with our Sales Team on 0333 332 0000 to find out how.