X-flow allows GP practices to make changes to their call flows via an interactive graphical diagram


Call Flows Made Simple

It's this easy to create, view and alter Surgery Connect call flows!

X-flow is a browser based call flow creator that means anyone can set up and test call flows.

Using X-flow, you can 'see' what your callers experience when they call your various numbers. Decisions based on time of day, or the keys they press in menus, are represented by blocks on the page.

Advanced text-to-speech means you can create prompts (the recorded messages that callers hear) just by typing. Or you can record them on your computer in your own voice and upload.

X-flow reduces the risk of making a change that breaks something. Everything you do is in a test environment until you press 'Deploy'. And even then, there is an 'Undo' button. Just call a test number to listen to the end-to-end caller experience.

Configuration Console

X-flow works alongside the Surgery Connect Configuration Console, but with the additional facility of testing the call flow on a separate number before going live.


You don’t have to start from scratch - a start-off call flow will have been pre-selected from one of many available templates based on where the phone number is assigned - such as the main Surgery Line. You can modify this to suit your Practice.


Blocks correspond to different activities that the caller experiences during their call to your surgery. Hover over the blocks (desktop), orRotate to landscape and touch a block for more information related to the block such as prompt wording, menu properties and other options.

X-flow Graphical Call Flow
X-flow Main Menu Audio
X-flow Group Properties- Queue- Busting


  • Simple drag & drop interface
  • Design call flows in minutes
  • Test in a non-live environment
  • Time controlled call routing
  • Customer input responsive call routing
  • Block properties available from rollover hints
  • Callback scheduler
  • Configurable colours

For more information on the Surgery Connect X-flow facility contact Sales on 0333 332 0000.

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