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X-on uses it's own billing platform, which means we can pull together all your communications into a single bill

Single Bill

A Simple Monthly Payment

St Helens Rota

"They are focused on ensuring you have everything you need and they are specialists in primary care…"

GP Care

"X-on was willing to work with us to design and build a telecoms system that fitted with our requirements…"

Hicks Group

"Patients say they are much happier now… staff find the system intuitive and easy to use…"


"They can deliver both a financially acceptable solution and also quality and availability to an emergency service…"

Worcestershire CCGs

"With Surgery Connect, we saw that the system had been designed to meet the needs of practices…"

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LMC Buying Group:
Woburn House London 22nd


Management in Practice:
National Motorcycle Museum Birmingham 4th

Surgery Connect provides a cost effective general practice phone system, costed on a per extension per month basis, along with free calls. It's much cheaper than a traditional phone system and can span from one to tens of linked, or federated, surgeries.

In fact the ability to reduce Did Not Attends can result in the Surgery Connect phone system paying for itself!

X-on uses it's own billing platform, which means we can pull together all aspects of your communications into one Single Bill. That means one simple payment per month and one company to deal with.

You're supplied with a monthly statement, in an easy to read format, detailing all aspects of your service costs.

We're based in the UK so if you need to call us, you'll be met with a supportive member of our team and not an offshore call centre.

For more information on Surgery Connect contact Sales on 0333 332 0000.