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Surgery Connect uses technology to provide more efficiency to the first point of contact for primary care, still for a large majority the phone

News Updates

Surgery Connect and Digital Health

St Helens Rota

"They are focused on ensuring you have everything you need and they are specialists in primary care…"

GP Care

"X-on was willing to work with us to design and build a telecoms system that fitted with our requirements…"

Hicks Group

"Patients say they are much happier now… staff find the system intuitive and easy to use…"


"They can deliver both a financially acceptable solution and also quality and availability to an emergency service…"

Worcestershire CCGs

"With Surgery Connect, we saw that the system had been designed to meet the needs of practices…"

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Management in Practice:
Olympia London 27th


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LCCC Manchester 6th

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NEC Birmingham 17th-18th

Surgery Connect News Releases provide useful updates for clients on new features, updates, enhancements and ongoing development.



Surgery Connect on Show

Exhibitions we'll be attending in 2018 so far…

News Updates

August: New Look Console

Surgery Connect console refreshed with a more intuitive user experience…

June: New Reports / Playlist Feature

Group and inbound number overviews, plus queue playlist feature…

May: Data Protection

Data protection is a key part of Surgery Connect…

April: Managing Patient Call Queues

Solutions to reduce long patient call queues at busy times…

March: Conference & Monitoring

New Surgery Connect conference phone and silent monitoring of calls…

February: GP Hubs

Surgery Connect enables the formation of GP Hubs at the local level or county wide…

January: Queue Busting

Surgery Connect Queue Busting calls back patients as they near the front of a virtual queue…



Surgery Connect on Show

Exhibitions the Sales Team were on hand in 2017…

News Updates

November: Clubbing Together

Ensuring that the IT, Clinical Systems and Telephony work across surgeries who are grouping together to share resources…

October: Auto Step In

Auto Step In provides an intelligent, configurable and fully automated solution to managing your staff and incoming call queues…

September: Digital Health

Surgery Connect uses technology to provide more efficiency to the first point of contact for primary care, still for a large majority the phone…

August: Users Answering Calls

Surgery Connect calculates the number of users actually taking calls in a group every 5 minutes to generate the average per hour figure…

July: Surgery Connect Video

The Surgery Connect video outlines many of the features available plus our focus on continued development…

June: Surgery Connect Roadmap

We have a vision of Surgery Connect as not just a phone system, but as a portal for patients who prefer to use the telephone to seek care…

May: Key Features

Surgery Connect key features include call recording, information menus, central directory, extension buttons…

April: Auto Step In

Surgery Connect includes a new feature called 'Auto Step In', which allows you to assign some extensions, or users, to a back up role…

March: Repeat Caller Adjustment

Surgery Connect reporting separates repeat callers who have hung up in the queue and called back one or more times…

February: New Menu Report

New report shows number of patients who have chosen the different options in the main menu, averaged over day of the week and time of day…