Surgery Connect can supply answers and information to patients, without having to speak to staff members

News: Mar 2021

Informing Your Patients

Regardless of the number of patient calls your practice is receiving, it is likely that your Reception staff are regularly answering the same questions and relaying the same information to patients on a day to day basis.

There are a number of ways in which Surgery Connect can help with supplying these answers and information to patients, without them having to speak to one of your staff members. The first of April’s webinars will expand on the items listed below.

If you would like to hear information about the COVID vaccine scheme please press 4 otherwise please choose from the following options…

From the Main Menu

Adding a new option to the Main Menu could avoid callers speaking to your Reception team, adding it as the first option that is read out will mean that callers are aware it is there.

Via a Dedicated Information Line

Most customers will have numerous spare telephone numbers on their system which can be used for a dedicated information line. This will allow you to provide answers to all of the common questions currently being answered by Receptionists.

In the Queue

Whilst patients are queueing you have a captive audience and it is an ideal time to relay important information about your practice. It has the added benefit that they are not having to listen to the same piece of music over and over again. Use the Playlist feature to tailor your patient’s queueing experience.


Next month's webinars will be as follows:

Wednesday 14th April at 10:00 AM - Informing your patients (inc. spare numbers)

Wednesday 28th April at 10:00 AM - Assigning short dials and Central Directory

To receive your invitation to the webinars please email and state WEBINAR in subject line. If there is a subject you would like covered in a webinar please email your requests or suggestions to . Thank you.