Surgery Connect desktop application floating toolbar with embedded softphone

News: Feb 2021

New Design - Surgery Connect Desktop Application

We are delighted to announce that Surgery Connect is getting a new look combined with greater functionality. Work is still in progress but we wanted to let you know about some exciting changes on the way.

The main difference is that instead of running through a browser Surgery Connect will now be a desktop application in the form of a floating toolbar with the softphone embedded in it.


Below is a list of some of the key changes:

  • New desktop application
  • Floating Toolbar design
  • Softphone embedded in app, not accessed via separate browser
  • Writes to patient record
  • Send photo requests to patient or proxy
  • Receive numerous photos
  • Collate numerous forms of contact into one consultation record

The new application is due to be trialed by a select number of surgeries next month prior to a general release later in the Spring. We will update you with further details in due course.


Next month's webinars will be as follows:

Wednesday 10th March at 10:00 AM - Data Analysis/Reports Portal and exported data from the User Console

Wednesday 24th March at 10:00 AM - Calendars - amendments and prompts

To receive your invitation to the webinars please email and state WEBINAR in subject line. If you would like to receive a copy of last month’s webinars please email a request to . Thank you.