Surgery Connect backup mobiles can be forced to work in place of reception phones

News: Jul 2020

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Backup Mobile Instruction Sticker

In case of an outage or where service is intermittent, we have changed the way we apply Business Continuity.

The backup mobiles can be forced to work in place of reception phones by dialling 3999 on the mobiles.

Dialling 4999 will deactivate the backup mobiles.

Instruction stickers will be issued in due course. Please refer to the Help Centre for further information.

Softphone Position

We are about to release changes to the Softphone to allow you to select your preferred position on opening. In addition we are adding a free form view which will allow you to stretch the phone to its maximum size making it ideal for video calls.

To make changes to your Softphone go to the menu icon in your User Console and select Settings.

Softphone Position Selection

Outbound Calls

The monthly Management Report lists lots of important information, including your busy times and identifying staff members who make and take the most calls.

However you may see a large number of outbound calls where no staff name is recorded. This means that outbound calls have been made from your practice when no User was logged into the phone.

Outbound calls are permitted from any handset regardless of whether the user is logged in, in case of emergencies. However it is good practice to remind your staff to login every day so that calls are logged and recorded against the staff member.