Surgery Connect offers the tools for remote staff to maintain contact with colleagues and patients

News: Mar 2020

Coronavirus - COVID-19

Surgery Connect would like to applaud all of our customers for their continued hard work and dedication during this difficult time. Surgery Connect can help you manage your staff and give them the flexibility to continue to provide essential care to your patients. You can see key information on this page -

Remote Working

With the increasing need for staff to work from home, Surgery Connect offers the tools for them to maintain contact with colleagues and patients. Making users active on their mobile or landline allows front-line staff to continue to answer inbound calls and all staff can continue to make outbound calls either through the User Console or clinical software integration - there are many benefits to working this way:

  • Personal telephone numbers are not exposed, outbound calls present the main practice number
  • All calls continue to be recorded for monitoring purposes
  • All call data continues to be logged for analytical purposes
  • Intelligent and fair distribution of inbound calls is maintained
  • All call costs are covered by your standard contract

Coming Soon - GP@Home

An extension to the remote working features will be provided by the GP@Home solution - due for release this week.

With a softphone accessible on any PC, tablet or smartphone, staff can make and take calls with ease, with all of the benefits outlined in the above bullet points. Expanding to video consultation capabilities it will allow all staff to retain peak productivity with ultimate flexibility.

Speak to your Account Manager to find out more about GP@Home.

Informing Customers

With the current situation changing from day to day, keeping your patients informed is a key factor. Remember that you can quickly implement audio prompts at the start of your call flow to ensure all callers are fully up to date. Using the text to speech feature means you can update the audio in a matter of minutes without having to speak to our Support team.

GP@Home Softphone
User Console Send SMS

SMS Communication

One-way SMS can be sent by both those using clinical system integration and those that are not.

Create templates in the Configuration Console, insert any links to the latest NHS information and send as required via the integration app or the User Console saving time and the need to make phone calls. All SMS are free.

Coming Soon - SMS from Call Flow

Further easing the burden of getting the latest information to your patients, they will shortly be able to request an information SMS direct from the call flow. When calling on a mobile they can be presented with an option such as "If you want us to text you the latest Coronavirus advice press 1 now…".

Business Continuity

In case of an outage or where service is intermittent, we are changing the way we apply Business Continuity.

The backup mobiles can be forced to work in place of reception phones by dialling 3999. Dialling 4999 will deactivate the backup mobiles. Instruction stickers will be issued in due course.

Thank You!

Everyone at X-on echoes the sentiments of the nation and thanks all NHS staff for everything they have done and will do in facing COVID-19. We will continue to support you by offering product enhancements that make working in these tough times that little bit easier.

Business Continuity Backup Mobile Instruction Sticker