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When adding music to multi queue items you do not have to accept default music

News: Feb 2020

Customising your Playlist

To enhance the on hold experience for patients you can add music to multi queue items. When building your call flows please note you do not have to accept default music. There are many websites that offer free downloads of royalty free music for you to choose from - You Tube Audio Library for example.

Don't forget you can always make detailed playlists and intersperse general information or seasonal specific messages between music and queue position messages.

The screenshot shows:
  • QPA
  • 30 seconds of music
  • A bank holiday message
  • 30 seconds of music
  • Back to the first item
Playlist Prompts

Call Outcomes

The difference between missed and abandoned calls is often queried, particularly when looking at call stats and reports. There are only three types of call outcomes recognised in Surgery Connect. We hope you find the summary below helpful in understanding the differences:

Abandoned - An abandoned call is a call that was made to an inbound number (so is counted in the incoming calls stats) but before any targeting of groups or users commenced the caller hung up whilst listening to one of the audio prompts. There was no opportunity for staff to answer the call.

Missed - A missed call is a call made to an inbound number which either joined a queue or targeted a specific user but was not answered.

Answered - An inbound call picked up by a group or staff member.

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