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AutoDND sets Do Not Disturb if users miss a certain number of group calls, stopping phones ringing when the staff member has left their desk

News: Jan 2020

Automatic Do Not Disturb

The Surgery Connect team will be rolling out a new AutoDND function in February.

We understand that receptionists and other patient facing staff are often multi-tasking and may often leave their desks when fulfilling responsibilities other than answering incoming telephone calls.

AutoDND sets users into Do Not Disturb if they miss a certain number of group calls in a row. This will stop phones ringing on desks where the staff member has walked away to do something else. This improves the performance of queue distribution, as we're not trying to send a caller to a phone that won’t be answered.

The system can send a notification email to both the user and Administrator when the AutoDND process happens and returning to available once back at the desk is just a case of a single button press on the phone.

If you would like to discuss this feature further please contact the Support Team by raising a support ticket via the Support Portal.

Please note that from 01/02/2020 the support email address will no longer be valid.
Please direct all Support enquiries through your Surgery Connect Support Portal.

Video Connect

Surgery Connect's video pilot has been running for a number of months and we are pleased to announce it has been very successful. It will be available on a wider scale in the next couple of months.

Video Connect offers users 'Video on Demand' - at the touch of a button the clinician can switch a telephone call from voice to video in a matter of seconds. The solution is extremely easy to use and doesn't require an app or the creation of pre-defined appointments, giving ultimate flexibility to the GP and patient alike.

The benefits to the patient are numerous, with many situations where diagnosis over the phone negates the need to visit the surgery. Housebound patients; patients juggling children or work and for those who have long term health conditions and regularly need to check in the the GP but don't need an examination every time they speak. If you are interested in Video Connect please contact your Account Manager to discuss further.

Surgery Connect Video Consultation

Examples of Patient Feedback

  • "Fantastic tool for purpose"
  • "Brilliant"
  • "Very helpful, thank you"
  • "Was quick and easy to use"
  • "Very good video feed and sound"

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