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The Surgery Connect Configuration Console includes a Text to Speech feature

News: Oct 2019

Text To Speech

Releasing in November is a new Text to Speech feature for users of the Configuration Console. It will be added to the Prompts area and will enhance the options for customising the audio that appears on your service:

  • When editing an existing prompt or creating a new one, simply switch to the Text to Speech tab and type the audio you would like to be created
  • You can add modifiers such as pause and emphasis to customise the audio as you’d prefer
  • Tag text as telephone numbers or dates to ensure they are read out in the correct format
  • Choose from a selection of male and female voices and preview the audio before saving and implementing in your call flow
Text To Speech
User Console Colours

User Console Colours

Counteract the dreary days of Autumn by adding a bit of colour to the Surgery Connect User Console.

From the Settings area near the top right of the Console you will see a switch allowing you to Colour Active Calls.

This will mean all active in, out and queueing calls will be displayed much more clearly making it easier for you to quickly establish call activity at any given moment. Give it a go!

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