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The latest release of the Surgery Connect Reports Console makes navigation much easier

News: Jul 2019

Reports Console - New Look

Surgery Connect Reports Console Navigation

With the number of reports available via the Surgery Connect Reports Console increasing (, the latest release makes navigation much easier.

This will give you access to create, search, view and update your support tickets in a clear and user friendly manner.

The new release includes:

  • The landing page gives an overview of the last 30 days call traffic
  • Reports are categorised in the left hand navigation panel
  • This panel can be hidden or in view
  • You can add reports to Favourites
  • Reports can be renamed
Surgery Connect User Console Call Data Export

Call Export

If you need to export data showing each call individually, you can now do so from the Surgery Connect User Console.

Whilst displaying calls in the Archived View, you are able to filter calls as required (in or outbound, over a specified time period, involving a certain staff member or calling telephone numbers for example) you will see a new Export button at the bottom right of the call list which will export the data in .csv format.

EMIS Integration

Surgery Connect's EMIS Integration continues to prove invaluable for many customers. Below are some key activity figures for July - please contact our Service Desk Team if you would like more information on these features within your practice:

  • Over 1,000 users using their smart card to log into the telephones
  • Over 80,000 patient swaps in EMIS - no need for manual searching
  • Thousands of SMS and SMS templates sent
  • Over 15,000 click to call from patient record - no manual dialling needed
  • Almost 100,000 call recordings associated with patient records

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