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Populating the Surgery Connect central directory benefiting staff

News: Apr 2019

Central Directory

Bank Holiday

With another Bank Holiday on Monday we wanted to remind you to ensure that your Surgery Connect system is set up to switch to an appropriate Bank Holiday mode.

Surgery Connect can be set to automatically adhere to all UK Bank Holidays without user intervention. If you are unsure how to check your settings and that an appropriate audio message will be played please contact our Service Desk for advice.

Central Directory Tips

The Surgery Connect Central Directory is a powerful tool which can be used throughout the practice, below is guidance on populating the directory and the ways in which your staff can benefit from it.

Managing Contacts - Configuration Console

The Configuration Console has a dedicated area for the Central Directory where you can:

  • Add new contacts individually
  • Edit existing contacts
  • Bulk upload contacts
Adding Contacts - User Console

Adding Contacts - User Console

Any user with access to the Surgery Connect User Console can add a contact to the Central Directory by clicking on an unknown number and selecting Add to Central Directory.

Accessing the Central Directory

Once a contact is added to the Central Directory it will be visible throughout the practice. The Surgery Connect User Console will display the contact name rather than the number and the telephone screens will also display who is calling.

Accessing the Central Directory

The full Central Directory can be viewed via the Surgery Connect User Console via the button near the top right corner (see image to the left), each contact can be clicked to initiate a call.

The Central Directory contacts can also be accessed from each Surgery Connect Standard or Reception Extension by pressing the Cen Dir button.

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