All Practice staff have access to the User Console, either as a Manager or at a personal level

News: Mar 2019

User Console - Personal Access

All of your staff have access to the User Console. If they are not designated as a Manager they have access at a personal level which means:

  • They can see and listen to calls they have been a part of only
  • They can view the availability of their colleagues but not update their status

If you would like to get a login for your staff you can either contact our Service Desk or you can access the Users area of the Configuration Console and update their details there.

User Console Admin

With their personal level access they can also:

  • Select the device they are active on (deskphone, mobile, landline etc)
  • Select their status (Available, DND, Logged Out or Outbound Calls)
  • Group step in and step out (this option can be added or removed on a user basis)
  • Click to call internally
  • Click to call from the Central Directory

The personal level access to the User Console is a really powerful tool that can be used throughout the practice so please contact our Service Desk if you would like more information.

Direct Dial-In (DDI) Call Flow Options

Spare Numbers

When transferring your telephony to Surgery Connect, many of you would have bought telephone numbers that are not currently used.

Surgery Connect allows you to utilise any spare numbers you have at no extra cost, for example you may want to set up DDIs for certain staff members (call flow options in the image to the right).

DDIs can be given out at the staff member’s discretion to those they would like to be able to contact them directly.

Contact our Service Desk for more information.

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