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The benefits of using the Surgery Connect User Console throughout the practice

News: Jan 2019

User Console - Practice Wide Tips

This month we wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of the benefits of using the Surgery Connect User Console throughout the practice.

Many of you will have experience of accessing the User Console at a Manager level - to listen to call recordings, to assess queue levels or to manage staff availability - it should be remembered though that all of your staff will have their own login to the User Console which brings a number of day to day benefits.


Having the browser based User Console open on their PC means that front of house staff can quickly see the live situation of the inbound queue. This empowers them to make decisions on their actions… Is now a good time to go into DND? Should I step into the Appointments Group to help answer calls?

In addition to this, having a real time view of which staff members are active and available on the system is a great tool when calling internally or transferring calls.

Call Recording Access

Call Recording Access

Your staff will have access to call recordings for only those calls that they have been involved in.

Perfect should they want to remind themselves of what was said or confirm information that was taken during the call.

Internal Click to Call

Internal Click to Call

Any user within your practice can be contacted directly through 2 clicks of a mouse button. No need for a printed short dial list which needs to be managed and updated.

Once you have established that your colleague is available in the User List panel on the right of the User Console, simply click on their name and click the 'Call' button to dial them.

Central Directory

Central Directory

The User Console provides a centrally managed, interactive directory. Add contacts to the directory and they can be searched and called by anyone in the practice, again a simple 2 mouse clicks is all that is needed to call external contacts.

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