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Queue management tips key to the day to day running of your organisation

News: Dec 2018

Queue Management

Happy New Year!

The whole Surgery Connect team wishes all our valued customers a Happy New Year!

We look forward to working with in 2019 and expanding the benefits Surgery Connect brings your organisation.

Queue Management

A subject touched upon previously, but one which is key to the day to day running of your organisation. Below are some queue management tips to explore in 2019. Contact our Service Desk team to discuss any of these things.


Surgery Connect offers exceptional visibility of queue activity both in real-time and historically. Identifying stress points in queue activity will highlight where staff resource is not meeting patient demand.

Queue Stats Buttons

The User Console is key to real-time information, ensure the stats boxes at the foot of the console are configured as you require via the settings area. You are able to see current queue activity as well as daily totals and averages.

Of course, efficient call processing is completely dependant on having staff available to take the calls, again the User Console gives you a real-time view of this.

Appointments Group

You may want to switch the staff view to be Grouped into distribution groups to assess how many staff are available at any one time in each or if staff are set to DND or just not answering calls.

Giving User Console access to as many staff as possible ensures everyone can be aware when queue lengths and times are high as well as instantly seeing which of their colleagues are available.

Surgery Connect Reporting Platform

If you are unsure of any of your staff’s User Console login details please contact our Service Desk team who will be able to assist.

The Surgery Connect Reporting Platform ( offers a full suite of reports allowing you to establish trends over specified periods of time.

The data can be filtered, ordered and extracted in order to highlight recurring call answering issues with a view to addressing instances of unacceptable queue times and unanswered calls.

Resource Management

Surgery Connect offers a number of resource management options, allowing Managers and staff to react to busy times.

User Status

Once more the User Console is an invaluable tool. Managers are able to click on any staff member and update their current status (change them from DND to available for example) or simply tick a distribution group to make them active in that group.

The User Console can also be configured to allow each staff member to manage their own distribution group membership themselves without giving them full Manager rights.

Auto Step In

This functionality can also be added to a button on each Surgery Connect telephone extension, both methods allow additional call answering resource to be activated in a matter of seconds.

The Auto Step In feature takes away the need for manual management of call answering resource.

Applied to any distribution group you want, it’s simply a case of assigning back up staff to the groups.

Against each staff member you can then set the queue levels that need to be reached before they are automatically stepped in - this can be number of callers in the queue or the current maximum queue time of a caller (or a combination of the two).

Once the queue levels have fallen below the assigned levels for each staff member, they will be automatically stepped out giving you a fully automated, reactive and intelligent queue management tool.

Other Tips…

Queue Busting has been mentioned a number of times recently and since it’s release is allowing hundreds of patients a day to take a place in the call queue without having to stay on the phone - it doesn’t reduce the call queue but certainly reduces patient’s stress.

You may also wish to consider Departmental Calendars for your service. Essentially this only allows certain calls through to your staff at certain times. For example you might want to only take Prescription calls after 10am allowing Appointments calls to take priority in the first few hours of the day.

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