Telephone extensions can be configured to allow any number of users to log in from a single user to the whole practice

News: Oct 2018

Hotdesk Lists

The separation of 'hotdesk' and 'single user' extensions has recently become more flexible on the Surgery Connect platform. Now any Standard (T21) or Reception (T27) telephone extensions can be configured to allow any number of users to log in from a single user to the whole practice. This is achieved easily through the Extensions area of the Configuration Console.

Manage Members Button

Each Extension item on the Configuration Console now has a Manage Members button on the bottom bar, clicking this will take you to an area where you are able to drag single Users or Groups onto the device. These users will then make up the hotdesk list on the Extension when the login button is pressed.

NOTE - If associating more than one user to an Extension you must ensure you have a Login button on the device - this can also be configured via the Configuration Console.

Benefits of Hotdesk Devices

Your service may already use hotdesk devices, most likely in the Reception area where staff rotas and responsibilities mean that staff are often moving desks - however it is not only in Reception where incorporating hotdesk can offer benefits:

Hotdesk Users
  • Replacing Users that are named generically ('Consulting Room 1' for example) with Users that are named as your staff members means that call recordings are stored against the individual and are searched far more easily.
  • Using the User Console, visibility of which staff are available is optimised.
  • Staff mobility within the building or to another site is quick and simple - where the staff member is located becomes less important, their availability can be quickly assessed and they can be contacted via shortdial or click to call.
  • For those planning integration with the clinical system, having individually named staff users allows for a wider roll out of functionality.

Gold Level Agreement

Download PDF of the Gold Service Level Agreement.

Update to Gold Service Level Agreement

There have been some minor changes to the Fault Escalation Paths available to you with your Gold Service Level Agreement, please read and save for your files. If there are any questions feel free to speak to your Account Manager.

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