Data protection is a key part of Surgery Connect

News: May 2018

Data Protection

ICO - Information Commissioner's Office

As a principal supplier of telecoms solutions to the Healthcare industry, data protection is a key part of our product offering. GDPR has been at the forefront of lots of people's minds this month and we wanted to outline the key factors relating to the Surgery Connect service we provide you.

The Benefits of the Cloud

Surgery Connect's cloud storage provides clear advantages over traditional, on-site systems:

  • Peace of mind that data is safe from fire, flood, theft, accidental deletion, malware or internet attacks.
  • Call data and recordings are accessed through secure, encrypted portals via password controlled access.
  • No need for manual, on-site backups of data.
  • Data is encrypted at rest.
  • All data is securely held in UK data centres and is permanently deleted after the agreed retention period.
Security Accreditations


Cementing our dedication to data security we are fully accredited with the following, which ensure we practice the most prudent, efficient and monitored internal processes:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management of Systems requirements).
  • ISO 27001 (Information security standards).
  • NHS Information Governance IGT (Organisation Code 8JM42 - accredited at 100%).


You would have recently received an amendment to your Standard Agreement addressing matters relating to GDPR.

We record calls for hundreds of NHS organisations for the purpose of patient care and protecting patient safety and we don't see the introduction of GDPR changing this position. We consider call recording to be under implicit consent through the provision of patient care.

However, as an additional safety measure, this month we will be adding the ability to delete call recordings from the Manager level User Console logins. The process will require a reason to be added by the user making the deletion and will be logged by our system for audit purposes. Look out for the Updates area at the top of the Console for notification of this release.