Surgery Connect Queue Busting calls back patients as they near the front of a virtual queue

News: Jan 2018

Queue Busting

Patient call queues at busy times can cause stress for both caller and receptionist with some surgeries having queues of up to 60 callers and some patients waiting for over 40 minutes.

Auto Step In Queue Management

Our Development team have been working on new a Queue Busting feature which uses virtual queues to improve the experience for all.

When the call queue reaches a specified length, callers will be told they can hang up and that they will retain their place in the call queue. Surgery Connect will call the patient back as their position in the virtual queue nears the front.

Benefits for the Patient

  • Dramatically reduced call costs, especially for those using pay as you go mobiles
  • Greatly reduces patient stress, no more 'hanging on the phone' to be answered
  • The fair and intelligent queue distribution is retained

Benefits for the Surgery

  • Fewer stressed patients means calls can be processed faster
  • Additional feature at no extra cost to you
  • Calling back the patients makes use of your unlimited free call package
  • Experience for the receptionist is exactly the same so no retraining is required

This feature is to be implemented as standard for all of our new surgery customers, but we would like to work with you as a priority to introduce this feature to your Surgery Connect setup, we will be contacting you to discuss this soon.

Online Reports

This Management Report is the first to be sent through our new reporting platform. The new platform has the advantage of storing your historic Management Reports in one place should you need to download a copy for your records.

You can login at - access is granted to all those that have Manager level permissions.

Moving forward the new platform will also allow us to release new user generated reports to you. Although the Management Reports are an excellent resource, we recognise there are occasions where you would like to see data at a more focussed level. Our team are already working on our first batch of new reports and we will let you know when they are available to you.