Auto Step In provides an intelligent, configurable and fully automated solution to managing your staff and incoming call queues

News: Oct 2017

Auto Step In

Auto Step In Queue Management

Surgery Connect is designed to give you maximum visibility of the number of callers queuing to your surgery at any one time, however it is likely that many do not have the time to monitor the queue constantly and allocate staff resources at busy periods. The Auto Step In feature is designed to take this task out of your hands offering an intelligent, configurable and fully automated solution to managing your staff and incoming call queues.

Each departmental group (Appointments for example) can be allocated step in staff, and each of these staff can be individually assigned levels at which they will become active. The step in levels can either be defined by the number of calls in a queue, the length of time the longest caller has been queuing or a combination of the two.

Surgery Connect constantly monitors the caller queues and when any specified step in level is reached will automatically activate the staff member to take calls. When call levels drop, the staff will be automatically stepped out of the group. Once configured the whole process will work automatically meaning that no manual resource allocation will need to happen.

Many of our Surgery Connect customers are making use of the Auto Step In feature, if you feel it would be useful for your surgery please contact our Support team on 0333 332 0000, or via, who will assist with setting this up.

Coming Soon!!

Online Management Reports

Continuing our commitment to developing the Surgery Connect platform these Management Reports that you receive every month will be available online. We will still send you the monthly review but you will now be able to generate and export the report on demand and for the desired time period. Our team will contact you with details of how you can access these reports as soon as they are released to all of our Surgery Connect customers.


Surgery Connect already makes use of timers to control access to your service as a whole or individual departments within your surgery. Following feedback from our customers we will soon be releasing the Calendar feature which provides are much more flexible and configurable system than is currently available.

Key improvements are:

  • Automatic Bank Holiday Importing
  • Set Events For Any Date & Time In The Future
  • Create Repeating Time, Day or Date Events
  • Create Multiple Calendars
  • Prioritise Modes To Allow Greater Control

When this feature is made available we will let you know and will assist you with anything you need to know using the feature on your system.