Surgery Connect calculates the number of users actually taking calls in a group every 5 minutes to generate the average per hour figure

News: Aug 2017

Users Answering Calls

How do we determine 'How Many Users are Answering Calls'?

A number of customers have asked for clarification as to how the average number of available users is calculated, as used in the graphs in Section 9. In a strict call centre environment, we would take the data from the log in activity of users in a distribution group. This would typically be the main reception group for a surgery. However, from our experience, many reception phones are logged in to take calls but do not necessarily get answered. This is likely because the receptionists are multitasking. In some cases, a phone within the group can go unanswered for a long period, so it would be false to assume it corresponds to a person being available to take calls.

To get around this issue, we divide each hour into 5 minute periods and look at how many different users are taking calls in the group within each period. This gives us an approximate guide to how many people are involved in taking calls and we can then extend this calculation across the hour. In some cases, where "simultaneous ringing" is used, or where staff do not log in by name, it is not possible to use this calculation.

Because of the wide variety of working practices, it is a challenge to make this type of report exactly right for all cases. We are in the process of enhancing our reports package and this would be a good time to obtain feedback from our customers as to how useful this data is. In some cases, such as where a strict hotdesking login policy is used, we may be able to provide an alternative report that represents the login activity of users.


Surgery Connect has had stands at ten GP and Healthcare exhibitions so far in 2017 and will continue this presence at exhibitions coming up in the next month:

  • NHS Health & Care Innovation: 11th-12th Sep - Central Exhibition Hall, Manchester
  • Management In Practice: 28th Sep - Olympia, London
  • NB Medical Hot Topics GP Update: 29th Sep - Olympia, London

If you are attending please come and see us to discuss anything regarding Surgery Connect, if any of your healthcare contacts are attending please point them in our direction for a chat.

EMIS Accredited Partner

EMIS Accreditation

We are starting to roll out the EMIS modules to Surgery Connect customers who have this as part of their package. This includes the enhanced Speech Recognition menus that improve patient experience and reduce time to process calls.

This project is exciting for all at X-on and we have interest and commitment from some large groups of practices who are committing to Surgery Connect as the standard for patient voice communications and clinical data management alongside EMIS Web. Over the coming year, we will be extending this functionality to other clinical administration systems.