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Surgery Connect includes a new feature called 'Auto Step In', which allows you to assign some extensions, or users, to a back up role

News: Apr 2017

Auto Step In

Wallace House Surgery

"Moving to X-on enables us to release more phone lines when required, providing our patients a more pleasant telephone experience…"

GP Care

"X-on was willing to work with us to design and build a telecoms system that fitted with our requirements… look at the bigger picture and work as partners…"

Urgent Care

"X-on has now given us the ability to record conversations, giving our clinicians an increased safety net should an issue arise between the patient and clinician…"


"X-on have proved that they can deliver both a financially acceptable solution and also the quality and availability of service to an emergency service…"

Welsh Ambulance

"On a daily basis the system worked flawlessly… wallboard displayed all our stats, the calls were recorded, the reports all ran…"

Primary Care and Public Health: NEC Birmingham 16th-17th May  / National Docman Conference: Etihad Stadium Manchester 17th May - Stamford Bridge London 22nd May / Primary Care Conference: Adelphi House Salford 31st May

When there are rapidly changing peaks in inbound call volumes, it is sometimes difficult to have the right number of people on hand to take calls. It has always been possible to configure the system to have overflow groups, but these can be hard work to administer.

For this reason, we have introduced a new feature called 'Auto Step In'. This allows you to assign some extensions, or users, to have a back up role. They will be automatically stepped in to the group to take calls when certain pre-defined triggers happen. This can be the number of calls in the queue, or the time that the longest queuing caller has waited. And when the call traffic dies down, they will be automatically 'stepped out' of the group. They will get a whisper message and a visual indication on their phone, so it will not come as a surprise that they have been put on emergency duty. As an alternative, a manual 'Step In' button can be configured on certain phones (Yealink T21P or T27P).

A sales sheet is available - ask your Account Manager for more details.

New User Console - Reminder

  • Key live call statistics
  • Call recording access for auth users
  • Voicemail access
  • Full call history
  • Status of all system users
  • Add callers to central directory
  • Search directory
  • View callers by name or number
  • Click to call by name or number
X-Flow Real Time Call Flow

What We're Working On

Our development team is hard at work on a number of projects. The X-flow web page will allow you to see a real time call flow of how your system is configured and, eventually, make changes through drag and drop and clicking on 'blocks' in the flow.

We're also integrating with Clinical Appointments systems to give a number of efficiencies in call handling and automatic reminders - more next month.

Finally, our credit card handling service allows you to take payments over the phone without having to worry about the onerous requirements of PCI-DSS.

Have a word with your account manager regarding this or any other matters that would make your life easier.