Surgery Connect is a future proof, secure GP telephony solution providing better service for practice staff and patients

Features & Benefits

Future Proof Healthcare Phone System

Communications Features

Appointments Management

Appointments Management

Surgery Connect is helping to reduce DNAs by enabling patients to manage their own appointments, and supporting public health initiatives such as flu jabs through bulk notifications for specific patient groups.

Call Handling & Recording

Surgery Connect provides highly efficient call management services for single and multiple practices, and attaches calls directly to the patient record to aid more effective clinical care.

Video Consultation

Clicking a single button on the handset allows the clinician to send patients a one-time link via SMS or email enabling a one-to-one video consultation with the patient.

SMS Templates

Surgery Connect SMS templates allow your most commonly sent messages to be saved and used throughout the practice.

Fax Replacement

Surgery Connect X-fax provides GP practices with easy-to-use electronic fax functionality so they can Axe the Fax well in advance of NHS England's 2020 deadline, and still send and receive faxes.


Featuring a visual management wallboard tool and detailed management information reporting, Surgery Connect has the tools you need to give you the highest level of confidence in your telephone technology.


The Surgery Connect softphone features full integrated telephone functionality with seemless video conferencing capability.

Door Security

Functioning as a Surgery Connect extension practices have the option of being able to 'buzz' patients into the practice. Useful in times of pandemic.

Technology Features

System Integrations

Surgery Connect integrates with major clinical systems including EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision, supports video consultation and single-sign-on. Open API is also available, enabling bespoke integration.


Compliant with the highest levels of security, Surgery Connect ensures patient data is safe and adheres to GDPR regulations.


X-flow allows GP practices to easily make changes to their call flows via an interactive drag & drop graphical diagram.

Product Roadmap

We listen to the needs of practice managers and GPs to find out what they'd like to see from their phone system, and feed these ideas into our software and service development plans.