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Surgery Connect adds contact centre functionality to EMIS Web, promoting simple-to-use multi-function patient interaction

EMIS Integration

Minimise Time on Admin and Calls

"Really impressed with the functionality, it provides lots of telephony benefits and screen pop is a fantastic productivity saving."
Carole Bayliss, Head of Operations.

Surgery Connect is integrated with EMIS Web, a clinical system which allows healthcare practitioners to view and contribute to a patient’s electronic healthcare record.

Surgery Connect adds contact centre functionality to EMIS Web, promoting simple-to-use multi-function patient interaction.

Omnichannel access to patients is immediately available to practitioners while interacting with patient records.

EMIS Web integration is supported at single stand-alone surgeries, or in a GP Hub, or in a Call Centre configuration where agents can handle calls and book appointments for a group of surgeries.

Surgery Connect

  • Cloud Based
    Because Surgery Connect is a cloud phone system, it is highly configurable, offering unlimited phone lines, extensions and free calls - on one site or spread over many.
  • Contact Centre
    Contact Centre technology provides highly efficient call handling and staff resource management to cover peak traffic. Handsets display queue information, and managers can request staff log in with a single button press.
  • Call Recording
    Call recording can be enabled as required. Recordings can be securely stored for many years with authorised access via patient records.
  • Triage
    Telephone Triage arranges a GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner to call back patients. Surgery Connect can create a callback roster and dial numbers automatically. Patients can book their own calls.
  • Queue Info
    A button press on a surgery handset can enable an information message for patients queued on a call, offering them other options.
  • Hotdesk and Groups
    Hot desking allows a staff member to receive all the group and personal calls intended for them via a button on the handset.
  • Management Information
    Searchable detailed call records and monthly summary management reports allow call handling assessment, useful in assisting with staff resource allocation.
  • Timers
    Calls can be redirected and menu options and announcements changed according to time of day, day of week, or on specific dates, to suit changing staff schedules.
  • Mobile
    Staff using mobiles connect as if using a landline, with calls transferable, recordable, and accessible anywhere in the world. Calls can appear to originate from a landline.
  • Resilience
    As Surgery Connect is hosted at dual UK sites, with regular failover testing, your calls always get through. We can also deliver calls to free-of-charge mobiles. Only a cloud system can do this.
  • Compliance
    X-on understand the need to protect patient sensitive data at all times. We hold multiple regularly audited data compliance certifications.

GP Hub Consolidation

Highly flexible linking of staff, agents and Surgeries into effective GP Hubs.

The Surgery Connect development team are constantly working on new features based on feedback from our rapidly expanding user base. For example, the ongoing analysis of patient call behaviour, which allows us to optimise automation using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques. We keep Surgeries regularly updated on new features, allowing them to implement when ready.

To find out how EMIS Integration can drive Practice efficiency, and assist with meeting GP Forward View action points, please call the Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.