Surgery Connect includes features that confront issues arising for GP Practices dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic

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Surgery Connect Packages introduced to address specific problems arising from coronavirus for Immediate Delivery

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Surgery Connect Solutions

Surgery Connect provides solutions that address a number of the issues arising for GP Practices dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic:

Current Practice and Acute Trust Issues

We have identified the following issues being faced by Practices and Acute Care currently:

  • Legacy Systems
    Practices with limited phone lines or older systems have problems switching to telephone first consultations
  • Remote Technology
    GPs working remotely do not have the right technology to implement telephone consultations, or are being limited to video consultations
  • Video Issues
    Video consultations not suitable in all cases due to bandwidth issues or patient adoption
  • Conferencing
    The need to communicate at scale through telephone conferences
  • Hot and Cold Contact Centres
    Setting up very short notice contact centres to take calls from patients, with full call distribution functionality

Surgery Connect GP@Home Solutions

Basic Package currently being offered on a Free Trial to assist practices dealing with the coronavirus crisis. Call Sales on 0333 332 0000.

Basic package: Immediate delivery

  • Calls can be made from personal mobiles without incurring costs to mobile account
  • Softphone for use on a smartphone or laptop
  • Practice phone number presented to patient
  • Call can switch to video on demand with one click
  • Calls recorded - all calls or on demand
  • Full tracking of inbound and outbound calls
  • Inbound call number to target individual GPs and/or hunt group

Advanced package: delivery 5-10 days

    Basic package plus:

  • Full Integration with EMIS Web or TPP SystmOne to give:
    • Click to call from patient record or slot notes
    • Calls tracked against patient record
  • Headset supplied
  • Backup mobile supplied
  • SMS notifications from templates


Either package can be upgraded to the full Surgery Connect cloud telephone system.

Use site navigation for more information and for a full list of features.

I've been having a go with Surgery Connect and their GP@Home. It solves the "I don't want to use my own phone to make hundreds of calls to patients" problem. It allows home workers to operate in hunt groups etc. and answer the phone as if in the surgery, which might help as staff self isolate. Really impressed.
Dr Neil Paul, GP and IT Guru

Surgery Connect Contact Centre

Rapid Deployment for Acute Care and COVID-19 Hubs

Surgery Connect can deliver calls to and from softphones, handsets or mobiles (for remote workers), with full contact centre functionality, including:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Users on Softphones with headsets, deskphones or mobiles
  • Call queuing
  • Call recording
  • Full IVR, easily configured
  • Clinical System Integration with EMIS Web, SystmOne to follow
  • Options to divert calls, Patient Callback

Use site navigation for more information and for a full list of features, and please call Sales on 0333 332 0000 for a full proposal and turnaround times.

Use of 'hunt group' telephone technology has enhanced the ease with which GPs and Hospital Consultants can contact each other in an environment that is otherwise rife with obstacles to communication.
Roger Tweedale, Chief Executive, GP Care


Immediate delivery, no charge

X-on is also providing free teleconferencing to help those at CCG and PCN level who are coordinating the local and regional response.

I just wanted to let you know how transformative the X-on teleconference line you have given us has been over the past couple of weeks. We are having daily teleconferences of all the GP practices in Stockport which have enabled us to plan for the COVID situation without bringing people together. Given the current situation, most PCNs are using teleconferences for team meetings. Just one way that X-on is benefitting the patient and staff in Stockport general practice.
Dr Viren Mehta,
Clinical Director, NHS Stockport CCG

Video Connect

Video On Demand

Fully Integrated, No App

Video Connect is a fully integrated, single click activated Surgery Connect video consultation solution. Clinicians can switch between phone and video call while maintaining full functionality. Video Connect integrates into practice telephony at a level not possible with Apps.

The telephone remains an important tool for patient/practice interaction, with patients being asked to call ahead if they think they are displaying any flu-like symptoms.

The video call conversion from the new phone system is even quicker than AccuRx!
Flemming Jensen
Paramedic Practitioner & Business Manager
Portland Medical

The option to include integrated video makes Surgery Connect an all powerful tool in patient communications, with traceability and record keeping facilities not available on freely available Apps and bolt-on solutions, providing data invaluable in the handling of future healthcare crises.

Practices need a video consultation solution that will still make sense long after the current crisis has passed.

For more information please call the Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.

A complete system that integrates with EMIS is a joy to use. There is a real time saving involved. Patients call in and their record comes up on screen. You want to make a call - easy - just use a keyboard shortcut (no dialing). You want to see the audio/video call history - call up the patient-centered hub. You want to review a call made 3 years ago - no problem, call up the patient-centered hub. You want to call extension 206 (but you didn't know they are in Russia) the call will be routed to their hotel room and as far as you are concerned you are talking to extension 206. If he calls from his hotel room in Russia it will look like extension 206.

This is a complete computer based telephony solution - so if you can imagine it, then generally the system can do it. For example, patients can call my deskphone direct when I am triaging on the telephone, but when I see patients the system automatically redirects those calls to the reception.
Dr Barry Sulman, Balaam Street Surgery, Newham CCG Clinical Lead