Clinical System integration minimises time spent on administrative tasks and calls, while improving data quality and compliance

System Integration

Patient Empowerment,
Reduced Costs

Surgery Connect integrates with major clinical systems including EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision, providing a seamless and time-saving way in which clinical and admin staff can access and record patient information during a call. Open API is also available, enabling bespoke integration with practice systems.

Patient information is accessed directly when a caller comes through, based on the phone number used. Calls can then be recorded securely and linked to the patient record, providing healthcare professionals with access to the full consultation history.

Surgery Connect supports single sign-on, so staff do not have to use additional passwords to login.

Really impressed with the functionality, it provides lots of telephony benefits and screen pop is a fantastic productivity saving.
Carole Bayliss, Head of Operations, GP Care

The system also supports video consultation using WebRTC technology. Encrypted recordings can also be linked to patient records.

We are continually developing Surgery Connect’s integration capabilities, providing GP surgeries, hubs and federations with the flexibility to embed the patient voice in all your communication and support channels.

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