Clinical System integration minimises time spent on administrative tasks and calls, while improving data quality and compliance

Clinical System Integration


EMIS Key Areas

Administrative Efficiency

Reducing the burden on NHS Administrative Staff allowing them to focus on patient interaction.
  • Locate Patient Record
    Use calling number and speech recognition to identify patients phoning in, and automatically locate patient records.
  • Click to Dial
    Single click dialling of patients from clinical records to save time and avoid errors.
  • Locate History
    Quick access to previous call history and recordings via the patient record.
  • Quick SMS
    Send a quick ad hoc, or template SMS, to patients from their record.

Patient Empowerment

Allowing patients to manage their own appointments and receive clinical advice though telephony.
  • Book, Check or Cancel
    Patients can manage their appointments using natural language advanced speech recognition with the clinical system updated accordingly.
  • Manage Triage Calls
    Patients can book triage call backs from health care professionals, or be connected for immediate advice.
  • Signpost Specific Patients
    Patients with particular needs can be identfied and given options, or have calls directed appropriately.
  • Manage Prescriptions
    Patients can book repeat prescriptions.

Safety and Compliance

Giving Health Care Professionals access to full consultation history via patient records.
  • Record all Calls
    Access to inbound and outbound (triage) call recordings via patient records.
  • Record Video Consultations
    Access to video consultation recordings via patient records.
  • SMS History
    Access to the history of SMS to and from the patient via their records.
  • Single Login
    For telephony and clinical system access, including card access for ultimate security.

Reducing the Burden

Proactive healthcare via notifications to at risk groups through appropriate channels.
  • SMS Reminders
    Appointment and bulk notifications via SMS with response path which updates the clinical system.
  • Voice Reminders
    Automated voice calls as reminders, or proactive clinic invitations, with an option to transfer to the receptionist.
  • Email and Mail Integration
    Integration with email and mail services (e.g. Docman) to provide a unified notification environment.

Surgery Connect, including Clinical System integration, continues to evolve through evaluation of the feedback we receive from Practices, Federations and CCGs, improving Healthcare patient communications, staff efficiency, and data security, while reducing costs.

To find out how Clinical System Integration can drive Practice efficiency, and assist with meeting GP Forward View action points, please call the Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.