X-on operate a range of SMS services from bulk marketing to direct API integrations

SMS Solutions

Bespoke Messaging


We operate a range of SMS services from bulk marketing message delivery to direct API integrations. Over the years we have developed a huge variety of SMS solutions for our customers. With connections to all the major UK network operators we have the experience required to provide a service you can trust.

Our agility in the SMS industry is unrivalled. Working closely with our clients, we pride ourselves in providing custom messaging solutions that meet your specifications. If you have an idea which requires a messaging component please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Scalable Performance

By design our platform is rapidly scalable, providing a high performance messaging service with endless capacity.


Our online interface is simple and intuitive providing real time insights into your services and campaigns.

Cost Effective

Highly competitive bulk SMS rates and shared shortcodes can provide a free route for your inbound marketing.

Messaging API

We offer a simple yet powerful suite of API methods to empower your developers with the ability to send and receive SMS from within your application. There are a vast number of use cases for SMS within most businesses and we make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

Our platform is lightning fast and available handsets will be notified within seconds (literally). It's hard not to notice an SMS!

The introduction of SMS capabilities into your platform enables you to develop complex interactions that simply aren't possible using other means. Using our API your development team can rapidly integrate SMS into your web app. Messages can be sent to many contacts in a single request and we will provide a callback for real time delivery notifications.

One Time Password

You have probably encountered one time password security features as many popular websites and service providers race to protect their customers data from unauthorised access. This type of authentication has been around for decades, with hardware devices often used to automatically generate and invalidate passwords, however this model has been too costly for all but the largest service operators to implement.

Now, with the price of sending SMS dropping dramatically we are able to offer affordable implementations for companies of all sizes. Password security alone simply does not offer adequate protection against determined individuals looking to gain access to your customers sensitive data. Using our simple and cost-effective OTP service you can provide your customers with confidence that you take their security seriously.

Custom Bulk SMS

Do you have a specific idea for integrating SMS into your application? Whatever your requirement our development team at Xonadu are here to help. With Bulk SMS available starting at just 3p a message we offer a range of affordable and easy to use services.


Sending branded messages to your customers handsets is the perfect way to keep them informed of your latest products and policies.


Two-Factor Authentication is becoming a hot topic. With a single call to our API you can push a unique authentication code to your users handset, greatly enhancing account security.


SMS provides a good way of notifying your customers of upcoming appointments, and for a few pence per message it is a cost-effective way to reduce losses from missed appointments.

Online Reporting & Administration

We provide an extensive range of online reports via our secure portal. Easily monitor every message sent and received, your daily transaction volumes and chart the delivery success of your mailing list.

Reports can be fully customised to provide you with the real-time information that is most important to you.

Also provided are all the tools you need to manage and tweak your service via our portal. All access to the administration and reporting portal is secured with SSL using AES 128 encryption to ensure your data remains private and secured.

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  • Report - Inbound SMS by Network
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With many options available our experienced team are on hand to discuss your opportunity and help you to make the most of your campaign. Please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.