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X-on services deliver enterprise level security economically and quickly for businesses of all sizes

Security and Reliability

At the Heart of the Cloud

Security is fundamental to everything we do as a business, not only for your data, but also your customers. X-on services deliver enterprise level security for businesses of all sizes that can be implemented both economically and in a fraction of the time taken by many of our competitors.

As the cloud offers benefits that break down traditional barriers, the perception is that with greater accessibility it provides less control and poor data security. The reality is however, that with the right knowledge and well considered policies cloud offers equal, if not more, security of information than traditional on-premise systems, but with greater accessibility and flexibility.

By taking your communications to the cloud you can benefit from our security credentials and focus on what you do best, dealing with your customers, rather than seeking your own accreditation for data protection, PCI-DSS compliance and other regulatory requirements.

X-on security credentials:

  • All data is held in UK Data Centres within an enclosed X-on Controlled environment
  • ISO27001 accredited for information security management
  • PCI-DSS SAQ D accredited for card payments
  • ICO Registered for data protection
  • Data replicated in real time to geographically separated data centres to guarantee business continuity
  • Secure access to any data through web portal with IP locking option
  • VPN or private network options offered
  • Secure SIP option provides encryption to prevent eavesdropping on voice calls
  • Twinned mobile SIMs provide seamless phone system failover to mobile network

If you want a service that is secure, compliant and business continuity focused, contact the X-on Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.