Call Recording for Compliance and Good Business Practice

Voice Alert

Cut Through the Noise

With the advent of Text Messaging and Social Media people are now connected in many ways.

It's easy to be missed in the array of communications reaching your customers' in-boxes.

A phone call is still an effective method of communicating with your customers or with a wider public.

People still pick up the phone.

Contact Thousands Quickly

The Alert-3 high capacity systems can handle large numbers of simultaneous outbound calls, ensuring your audience are being contacted very soon after a scheduled Alert.

Quality Speech Synthesis produces a highly intelligible voice translation of your Alert content.

Reports provide administrators with comprehensive feedback on the Alert Campaign, allowing refinements to be made for subsequent campaigns.

Easy-to-use Administration

Despite offering industry leading features, the Alert-3 administration is simplicity itself. The interface is clear and belies the control the user has over the Alert system and the available feedback.

SMS and Email Alert

Voice can be combined with SMS and Email alerts to maximise the message formats covered. The greater the coverage, the greater the success rate.

Alert Features

Benefits and Applications: Teams, scenarios, invocation, contact and response paths, data security and management.

Why Alert-3?

USPs and Benefits: UK data centres, notification responses, international cover, integrated conferencing, mobile invocation.

SMS Alert

Text Messaging is still an effective way to spread your message quickly. Reports allow you to monitor who's seen your message.

Email Alert

Combining Email Alerts with Voice and SMS can improve pickup percentage, especially with recipients without a phone.

If you wish to find out how Voice Alert can maximise your customer and public contact speak to one of our Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.


"X-on ensure that Whitbread can respond to business continuity situations quickly, ensuring appropriate information is made available to the right people at the right time…"


"X-on's Alert product is without doubt the only choice for organisations that are keen to develop and maintain their Incident Management and Business Continuity capabilities…"

Avon Fire and Rescue

"The service allows us to quickly and efficiently relay the details of incidents and other topics to the media without having to phone them individually…"