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Bespoke Integration

Merge to Mass Communicate

Alert-3 is a fully configurable stand-alone Alert Notification solution, which will efficiently handle the emergency outbound communications needs of any organisation.

In some cases, an organisation will have an existing communications system with which Alert-3 integration would provide the most efficient usability. In these cases X-on can provide comprehensive advice, and in consultation with the client, design a bespoke configuration which will satisfy all client requirements.

Service and Support

Alert-3 is built on our multiple data site Network providing a reliable and comprehensive cloud based Alert Solution. This is supported by our friendly Operations Team, who are ready to meet any concerns you might have during use.

If you have specific Alert Notification needs, find out how Alert-3 can be integrated into your communications by calling our Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.


"X-on ensure that Whitbread can respond to business continuity situations quickly, ensuring appropriate information is made available to the right people at the right time…"


"X-on's Alert product is without doubt the only choice for organisations that are keen to develop and maintain their Incident Management and Business Continuity capabilities…"

Avon Fire and Rescue

"The service allows us to quickly and efficiently relay the details of incidents and other topics to the media without having to phone them individually…"