X-on CTI for Salesforce provides real-time connectivity via click-to-call

Salesforce CTI

Cloud to Cloud Integration

X-on Healthcare Contact Centre can be embedded within Salesforce Open CTI to provide real-time connectivity. The call handling process includes immediate access to your Salesforce database, providing agents and staff a screen popup of the client record.

Click-to-Call Functionality

By providing caller information to the agent inbound call time is significantly reduced, enhancing staff and agent efficiency. Outbound call time is also streamlined using the click-to-call link visible in the client record.

Less time spent on the phone, along with personalised contact are vital in improving customer service. These factors increase the proportion of calls resolved first time, thereby improving call centre efficiency, customer loyalty and consequently revenues.

Missed calls and Voicemail are logged against the relevant Contact. An automatic callback facility streamlines the call back process, reducing the effect of missed calls.

Call Recording

X-on CTI packs in more features than you'll find elsewhere, such as call recording for all inbound and outbound calls. Call recordings are typically used to satisfy regulatory requirements, or for dispute resolution, or to train staff and agents, and can be easily accessed via a link.

The application includes automatic logging of calls in Salesforce Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases etc.

Call Management

Calls are easily managed within Salesforce using X-on CTI, with staff and agents able to monitor the status of their colleagues.

X-on CTI maximises your Salesforce connectivity.

X-on Contact Centre solution can be embedded within Salesforce Open CTI to provide real-time connectivity

X-on CTI Features

  • Screen Popping displays the client record as the call arrives
  • Click-to-call from the contact record
  • Reduce missed calls with automatic call back from relevant contact records
  • All calls automatically recorded against Accounts, Opportunities, Cases etc.
  • Link to inbound and outbound call recordings within Salesforce records
  • Monitor colleagues' statuses directly from Salesforce
  • Call management within Salesforce
  • Voicemail messages stored against contacts

For further information on X-on CTI for Salesforce please Contact Us, or call Sales on 0333 332 0000.


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