High Capacity Call Distribution Queueing and Agent Reporting

Healthcare Contact Centre

High Capacity Call Distribution

We understand that modern customer-focused healthcare organisations demand flexible, secure and reliable telephone systems to suit the rapidly evolving and increasingly omnichannel business environment.

X-on Healthcare Contact Centre technology provides tailored packages to handle inbound and outbound traffic, whether from a single location or at a multi-departmental, multi-site or multi-country level.

X-on Contact Centre delivers:

  • Bespoke contact centre solutions
  • High capacity call distribution
  • Intelligent call routing and management
  • Inbound and outbound call blending
  • Queued call-backs, voicemail and IVR
  • Secure SIP option - encryption to prevent eavesdropping
  • Browser-based real-time call management
  • Agent and manager consoles
  • Real-time statistics and detailed auditing
  • Scalability on demand
  • Call recording
  • Custom integration with CRM platforms

Designed, Hosted and Owned by X-on

Our consolidated cloud-based communications systems are designed by X-on engineers, hosted on our own network incorporating our resilient distributed data centres. We provide a highly secure and cost effective solution that is focused on your requirements and designed to scale with demand.

X-on Healthcare Contact Centre has an extensive range of features that have been developed from years of experience at the coalface. We offer intelligent solutions to the real day-to-day demands of the contact centre, maximising the productivity of your agents and improving customer experience.

Call Recording provides the foundation for training and development and maintains accurate records or for regulatory compliance. Our systems are built to support detailed auditing of every element of your contact centre and any data is kept securely.


Maintaining the highest levels of security throughout the contact centre environment is an area that has been overlooked by many providers. We consider the protection of your data, and your customers’ information as fundamental to everything we do. All data is kept secure in our own ICO registered UK data centres, within an X-on controlled environment, with full ISO27001 accreditation. Availability of your data is guaranteed at all times through real time replication in geographically separated data centres. In addition, VPN or private network options are available if required.

Agent Insight, Management and Productivity

X-on hosted contact centre systems are truly flexible, allowing calls to be processed by agents in any location based on time or capacity of calls and controlled manually or automatically by agents and managers. A highly secure configurable live web dashboard shares real-time statistics of an entire contact centre or individual teams and up-to-the-minute performance can be displayed on a Wallboard.

The Manager Console empowers team leaders, providing a control hub for the day-to-day activity of a contact centre team. Managers can create live or historical reports for teams and individual agents within the browser of any device, while individual agent tasks can be managed and call by call audits conducted by managers from within the console.

Our Agent Console allows real-time visibility of an agent’s call activity and availability of colleagues, as well as controlling their current status from the browser of any device. Each agent has a view of the calls they have answered or missed and can check recordings they have made to confirm details taken during a call.


X-on contact centre system can integrate with all major platforms including Zendesk, Salesforce, Gold-Vision, Kerridge and Oracle Service Cloud. Our in-house engineers can provide bespoke solutions to create custom integration because we created and own the code, we don’t have to rely on anyone else to make this happen. A published API is available to customers wishing to perform their own integrations.

Feature Rich



"Since moving to X-on we have seen major improvements in reporting data, functionality and efficiency…"


"X-on designed and fully set up our telephone system quickly, and provided us with a feature rich solution with minimal outlay. We have found the sales and support to be excellent…"


"X-on have proved that they can deliver both a financially acceptable solution and also the quality and availability of service to an emergency service…"

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