Call Centre Agent status control and call activity visibility

Agent Console

Real Time Visibility and Control for the Agent

Browser Based Console

The X-on Healthcare Contact Centre Agent Console gives each agent control over their status and visibility of their own call activity plus the status of the others in their team.


Agents can signal their status and availability, subject to Supervisor permissions. All status changes are logged. Wrap up is triggered automatically at the end of a call and timers can be set on a per-agent basis.

Agents can signal their status and availability

Wrap up (Disposition) Codes

Flexible codes can be assigned at the end of each call

Flexible codes can be assigned at the end of each call. The set of options available can be changed according to the type and origin of the call.

Reports will analyse call outcomes statistically.

Integrated Softphone

Agents can choose from a physical handset, a stand alone softphone or the X-on integrated softphone, which requires the Firefox browser.

The integrated softphone means less window switching for agents.

Integrated softphone means less window switching for agents


Agents have a view of the calls they answered or missed, and recent call recordings

Each agent has a personal view of the calls that they have answered or missed and can check recent call recordings, for example, if there is a query on some information they have taken from the caller.


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