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Mobile Call Recording includes X-on SIM cards which connect to the X-on Mobile Network

Mobile Recording

X-on Network SIM

Croydon Health

"X-on responded to our needs at the 11th hour during mobilisation… the service they have provided since go-live has been exceptional…"


"The key features that we find useful are the ability to call many foreign countries and have all the calls included in our monthly call bundles…"

Urgent Care

"X-on has now given us the ability to record conversations, giving our clinicians an increased safety net should an issue arise between the patient and clinician…"

Mobile Call Recording includes X-on SIM cards which connect to the X-on Mobile Network. An X-on SIM in your staff mobiles is the simplest and most comprehensive way of recording your mobile calls and text messages.

X-on SIM Mobile Call and SMS Recording

The Process

The process is extremely straightforward:

  • We send you a new SIM and a divert phone number
  • You set your phone to 'divert all calls' targeted to your existing number to the divert phone number
  • You replace the SIM and all your inbound calls arrive as normal and are now recorded*
  • Outbound calls and SMS have the Caller ID of your usual phone number and are recorded - nothing else has changed
    *Your phone must be unlocked for the Three Network - a simple process with which we can help


  • Keep your current mobile number or have a new number
  • Record all inbound and outbound calls and SMS on the network
  • No messy apps to install
  • Use the mobile exactly as before (unlike an app)
  • Can be used with policy based recording, or 'enforce all' recording
  • Recording cannot be easily bypassed, accidentally or on purpose (without supervisor permission).
  • Option of one bill, so you don't have to deal with two operators
  • Recordings are immediately securely archived in the cloud

Please call Sales on 0333 332 0000 to discuss implementing X-on SIM Recording for your organisation.