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Call Recording for Compliance and Good Business Practice

Call Recording

Compliance and Good Business Practice

Croydon Health

"X-on responded to our needs at the 11th hour during mobilisation… the service they have provided since go-live has been exceptional…"


"The key features that we find useful are the ability to call many foreign countries and have all the calls included in our monthly call bundles…"

Urgent Care

"X-on has now given us the ability to record conversations, giving our clinicians an increased safety net should an issue arise between the patient and clinician…"

Compliance | Training | Protection

X-on's Enterprise Call Recording Solutions bring Call Recording and Call Monitoring into the cloud. A consolidated call recording solution reduces cost of ownership, simplifies infosec headaches and lets your organisation address compliance and traceability in an increasing litigious world.

  • Low cost of ownership charged as running cost per device/user/extension
  • Solution extends to multi site and consolidates fixed line (ISDN), VoIP and mobile calls
  • Retention periods 1 month - 30 years
  • SSL Secure Browser Access
  • Option for Public-Private key encryption
  • Option for VPN
  • Redundant UK Data Centres ISO27001
  • Migration Path to Fully Hosted Cloud Telephony


  • Health Sector
  • Financial Services
  • Mortgage Agents
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Solicitors
  • Banks


  • Dispute resolution
  • Transaction verification
  • Staff training
  • Customer activity tracking and billing
  • Aide-memoire
  • Legal protection for both business and staff

Secure Storage

Your calls are routed through X-on’s network, recorded and stored by us. The recordings are kept on our servers in a secure environment that cannot be accessed externally except by authenticated users.

X-on satisfy the security requirements for PCI Compliance, ISO 27001 Security Standards certification, and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards certification. X-on are a Crown Commercial Service Supplier and have been assessed against the NHS Information Governance Toolkit.

Cloud Call Recording

Case Study

Urgent Care Cambridgeshire provide Out of Hours GP Services, with a legal requirement to record all calls between clinician and patient.

Mobile Recording

X-on has an innovative and very cost-effective method of recording mobile calls that doesn’t require you to purchase additional equipment.

For further information on Call Recording please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.