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Solving Unique Communication Challenges

Cornard Healthcare

"The IVR programme developed by X-on from our specification is a crucial part of the product that we offer…"

GP Care

"X-on was willing to work with us to design and build a telecoms system that fitted with our requirements… look at the bigger picture and work as partners…"

Urgent Care Camb

"X-on has now given us the ability to record conversations, giving our clinicians an increased safety net should an issue arise between the patient and clinician…"


"X-on have proved that they can deliver both a financially acceptable solution and also the quality and availability of service to an emergency service…"

Welsh Ambulance

"On a daily basis the system worked flawlessly… wallboard displayed all our stats, the calls were recorded, the reports all ran…"

Primary Care and Public Health: NEC Birmingham 16th-17th May  / National Docman Conference: Etihad Stadium Manchester 17th May - Stamford Bridge London 22nd May / Primary Care Conference: Adelphi House Salford 31st May

Healthcare organisations face unique communication challenges. They need to be accessible and reliable at all times, remain completely secure, provide a high quality of care and comply with strict regulations. All this through a communication infrastructure that is delivered efficiently and invisibly.

The reality is that health providers spend too long performing administrative tasks, are burdened by cumbersome systems that are not fit for purpose and have to operate within tight budgets.

To address these challenges, healthcare professionals need cost-effective communications systems that are tailored to their needs and allow them to spend their valuable time and money on what matters most - patients.

Through the use of our own proven technology developed over more than 18 years we allow organisations to provide a personal, efficient and responsive service that frees staff to focus on delivering the highest quality healthcare.

Find out how X-on can provide the services you need, from cloud phone systems designed specifically for healthcare to alert notifications that reduce unfulfilled appointments.

Surgery Connect

Phone system designed for the specific needs of General Practice in the UK, saving time and money.

Contact Centre

Flexible cost reducing and feature rich patient to staff connectivity across a single, or multiple, Surgeries.

Call Recording

Secure call recording of patient/staff conversations, with mobile recording covering OOH visits.

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