Product sheets detailing Surgery Connect implementation and features

Product Sheets

Surgery Connect Phone System

Surgery Connect



Surgery Connect is a complete, fully featured and managed phone system.

Data Security

Surgery Connect ensures essential healthcare data security standards are met.

System Resilience

Take calls should there be any internet or network problems at your premises.

Installation Handover

We make this process smooth, with as little intrusion as possible.


On-site training to talk through the key functionality and best use policies.

Inclusive Rental

An extension based rental fee means you only pay for what you need.

Support Process

Our experienced support staff have extensive knowledge of the entire system.


Triage processes can improve the pre-appointment assessments of patients.

Ambassador Scheme

We are offering practices the option to enroll in our Ambassador Scheme.

Forward View

Address the NHS General Practice Forward View high impact actions.


Integration Overview

Clinical System integration reduces time spent on calls and administrative tasks.

Admin Efficiency

Features that improve surgery efficiency alongside creating a better patient experience.

24 hr Check and Cancel

Patients manage their appointments without the need to queue.



Real-time view of calls, access to call recordings and voicemail messages.

Configuration Console

Access to the logic flow and settings of your Surgery Connect service.

Call Reports

Reports outlining call figures and performance statistics.


Add events which automatically alter the way your system handles calls.

Central Directory

Contact list is managed through the Configuration Console - add, edit, delete.

Call Distribution

Groups are targeted when callers dial certain numbers or select menu options.


X-flow is an interactive tool to view and update your Surgery Connect call flows.

Call Flow Introduction

Call Flow Templates can be used to create basic call flows to suit your needs.

Build a Call Flow

X-flow templates can be used as a base to create new call flows.

Management Report

Monthly emailed overview of the previous month's call and personnel data.

Call Recording

Referring back to a call recording in disputes can save time and stress.

Recording Security

Cloud based call recording can offer greater data security than on-premise systems.

Handset Modes

Phones with the Reception Extension packages can be configured in one of 3 modes.

Voice Prompts

Information given to the patient at the relevant point in the call flow or playlist.

Prompt Examples

Some guideline audio prompts which will help when deciding on the wording.

Multi Site Structure

Manage multiple sites using management tools at the organisation and site levels.

Auto Step In

Automatically assign more call staff above a preset queued caller threshold.

No Appts Mode

No Appointments Mode allows staff to inform callers all appointments are taken.

Information Menu

An area for callers to access common surgery information reduces repetition.

Patient Callback

Call back offer improves the caller experience.

Reporting Platform

Live and historic visibility of call handling performance.


Set users as Do Not Disturb if they miss a number of group calls in a row.



Perfect for staff who don't handle the main appointment calls.


Tailored to staff taking most patient calls, usually the main appointments queue.

Extension Buttons

Configure each extension button to cater for user needs.


Ideal for users that require the ability to move around your surgery.

Call PA

Any extension within your surgery can broadcast to reception through the PA.


The flexibility of answering calls on a mobile phone.


Web based, real-time activity monitor of staff availability and call queue.

Emergency Extension

Extension or a cancellation phone using the Emergency Bypass call flow.

Fax Extension

Complete Fax solution to meet the NHS Axe the Fax 2020 deadline.


Essential for multi participant telephone meetings.

Hearing Aid Compatible

Yealink hearing aid compatible HD handset.

Additional Extensions

Fax, Franking machine, Alarm line and Modem.