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May 2017: Surgery Connect News

Did you WannaCry on Monday Morning?

We hope your Practice was unaffected by the weekend's global cyber mayhem, and you were handling patient calls smoothly on Monday morning. If you were impacted hopefully your systems are back to normal now, without having caved in to their demands.

This is a good time to remind you that because Surgery Connect is a cloud based Healthcare phone system, it remains independent of your Windows PCs, and runs outside the N3 Network which was substantially compromised by WannaCry.

Maintaining patient data integrity is core to the Surgery Connect system, with our network operating under stringent levels of compliance, including ISO27001 and IGT, to ensure data is safely harboured. Geographic resilience ensures services will be maintained and calls can be delivered to different locations or mobiles in the event of local problems.

Management Report

Contact Centre Technology

Surgery Connect utilises the latest cloud contact centre technology, providing optimal handling of inbound and outbound call loads - essential when dealing with peak traffic or triage callbacks.


From any location, Managers can monitor call handling in all the surgeries across the federation, while viewing multiple wallboards.


Adjusts to loads and staff availability, while providing real-time management information enabling sensible decisions.


Surgery Connect is based on a per-seat rental model with no capital outlay or call costs.

  Secure storage of Call Recordings for 3 years
No Cost calls to UK Landlines and mobiles
Telephone Triage Booking
Unlimited Queueing and Outbound lines
Clinical System Integration   Surgery Connect is designed with feedback and support from UK General Practice and integrates with many clinical systems.
Development Roadmap   Built, installed, supported by UK company X-on and under continuous rolling development to bring the latest innovations to all connected customers.

This will include Speech Analytics to improve analysis and self care, and secure video triage linked to clinical systems.

"Our old system didn't have the functionality that our new system has and the ability to record calls has been a great help…"
Kirsty Hull, Practice Manager,
Colne Valley Group Practice
"The call quality is excellent and in over 2 years, the reliability of the system has been remarkable…"
David Whitworth, Practice Manager,
Westover Surgery

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16th May - London
18th May - Manchester

Primary Care and Public Health
17-18th May - Birmingham

Management in Practice
8th June - Manchester
27th June - Newcastle
28th September - London
5th December - Birmingham

PMA Annual Conference
22nd June - Manchester

Practice Manager Master Class
22nd-23rd June - Nottingham

Digi Health Conference
5th July - Manchester

Pulse Live
3rd October - Liverpool

RCGP Primary Care Conference
12-14th October - Liverpool

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18-19th October - Birmingham