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Nov 2016: PCI Payments

PCI Compliant Credit Card Phone Payments

CardByPhone is an essential module for customers wishing to take card payments over the phone when using X-on’s PhonePresence Cloud PBX and Contact Centre services.

By deploying CardByPhone, your organisation can remove credit and debit card data from being accessible within your organisation. As a result, the organisation becomes out of scope from the onerous requirements of PCI-DSS which govern security when handling card data.

CardByPhone can be integrated with existing CRM and order processing systems, or stand alone, allowing a rapid deployment for immediate peace of mind.

To find out how CardByPhone can improve Business Security
when taking card payments call the Sales Team on 0333 332 0000
"… streamline our business, removing the need for agents to deal with customers, saving us valuable time, and making the payment process easier for the customer…"

Martin Craven, New Call Telecom

"We are pleased that the evaluations point to a high level of system security and user confidence…"

Michael Wills, Opt2Vote