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December 2015: PhonePresence Holiday Timers

Reminder to Set Timers for the Bank Holidays

With the Xmas and New Year holidays approaching,
this is a good time to ensure that your
PhonePresence Holiday Timers have been set correctly.

Doubtless you are looking forward to the Festive Season, and like us you might be enjoying some time off.

So now's the time to check that your Customer phone calls will be answered correctly while your offices are closed.

The Platform 15 Configuration Console allows you to drag and drop, setting how your calls are handled at different times of the day and for different days of the week - it couldn't be simpler.

Calls can be directed to a different group of users, or to voicemail when your office is closed.

Different groups or departments can have different timers, providing complete flexibility.

PhonePresence P15 Users please call support if you need assistance.

Please note that Timers need to be re-set each year as most dates for Bank Holidays change.