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New Version of X-on Alert - Voice, SMS and Email Alert Notification - Alert-3: Cut Through The Noise

April 2015

Alert-3 Call and SMS Notification

X-on has launched version 3.0 of its Alert Call and SMS Notification Product.

Whether it is small groups, or thousands of recipients, Alert-3 is the notification tool of choice for emergency and incident notification within seconds.

Alert-3 from X-on is the latest version of our hosted notification platform. An easy to use interface, with administration from any device: PC, mobile, tablet.

Alert-3 is the Premier Alert System.

Visit the dedicated site for details on Features and Benefits.

Alert-3 brings an updated management web interface that is compatible with all modern browsers. We have added the ability to manage notifications from tablet devices and mobiles so an administrator can invoke and monitor a notification on the move, essential in minimising delay in an emergency situation.

With people receiving an increasing number of notifications across many devices, getting an emergency message noticed is a challenge. The combination of a phone call and an SMS to a mobile maximises the likelihood of the notification getting attention.

Because all Alert messages can be two way, the administrator can get a real time visual response of how many people have not only received, but read or heard the message.

For smaller or integrated applications, such as Machine to Machine, or IT system Warning, X-on's Email to Voice service can take an email from a system an push a voice call to a user or group - no longer will system critical warnings fall into the morass.

Since launching Alert-3, X-on has seen an upsurge in orders and interest in notification. For more information on Alert 3, SMS to Voice or any other X-on products call 0333 332 0000.