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May 2014: PhonePresence Holiday Timers

With the Bank Holiday approaching, this is a good time to ensure that your PhonePresence Holiday Timers have been set correctly for this year.

Quick Reminder on How to Set Up Bank Holidays

We currently recommend you use Internet Explorer to open PhonePresence.

Firstly to ensure that everything in PhonePresence works correctly go to the IE browser menu (press the 'Alt' key if you cannot see it), Tools, Compatibility View Settings and ensure that is added. Close all instances of IE and restart to ensure the change takes place.

Log in to PhonePresence.

In your PhonePresence menu, select 'Timers' from the left hand side, click on the timer(s) to which you wish to add bank holidays. Scroll down until you see the section called 'Holidays' (see screenshot).

PhonePresence Holiday Timers

This section allows you to pre-arrange bank holiday dates by selecting the appropriate day and month using the drop-down arrows. Simply click on the arrow and select as appropriate.

The message your customers will hear will be your pre-set holiday message.

Pre-set Holiday Message

We advise keeping the Override Mode in 'Timer' setting as if set to 'Holiday', the Holiday Timer Schedule will be enforced across the whole calendar in addition to the dates above.

Please contact Support if you experience any difficulties.

When you have added the dates, remember to click 'Save'.

Please note that this needs to be re-set each year as most dates for Bank Holidays change

PhonePresence MAC Users please call support if you need assistance

Enjoy your Long Weekend,
X-on Operations.