VoIP Phone Account

Second VoIP Account

Enhanced Resilience

X-on is advising all customers with VoIP phones to configure them with two distinct accounts, an option previously only available to clients on Gold support contracts. These can be set up as primary and backup routes to two of X-on's three data centres and avoid the risk of loss of service when a network route becomes unavailable. Although there are other backup mechanisms, such as DNS, these can take time to effect unlike having an alternative standby account readily available - the equivalent of a second line to each phone.

For customers with more than one data connection on site, accounts can be configured on each phone to use different local connections, offering further protection from local problems.

Our Operations department will be contacting all customers with details of the relevant changes, but if you would like to get further information, please call our Operations Manager, Graham Jackson, on 0333 332 0002 or a member of the team.

X-on VoIP can give a guaranteed reduction to your call costs on landline and mobile, plus offer call recording of inbound and outbound calls.

If you are not using X-on VoIP services and want to discuss the options available, call a member of the Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.

Focus on Audio and Visual Tools

X-on is constantly adding to the armoury in PhonePresence Call Centre edition to enable managers and agents to respond to call traffic peaks that can cause missed calls, lost sales or failure to achieve SLAs.

PhonePresence Call Centre can be configured to include:

Audio Alarms

As an accessory to X-on's new browser based wallboard displays, audio alarms can be configured to warn of predefined situations, such as long queues, calls being missed or overflow situations. Many alarms can be set up in response to the seriousness of the situation.

Call Centre Audio Alarms
WebPEM configurable live web dashboard

X-Live Wallboard

X-Live is a real-time wallboard application for PhonePresence Call Centre. It runs in the browser and is intended for large screen displays in the call centre, but can also be used on any desktop and many mobile devices.

X-Live gives the important information on your call handling, whether at a local or remote call centre, and all events are updated immediately.

The clear display is formatted to highlight problem situations and can be configured to meet your needs.

WebPEM configurable live web dashboard

Manager Console

X-on is finalising release of the PhonePresence Call Centre Manager Console. The console gives a manager or call centre supervisor access to key statistics and reports immediately at a single click, plus call recordings and graphical information on agent work patterns. It also is the window on new applications for customer callbacks and missed call management. Like all next generation X-on products, it operates in the browser and is device agnostic. More details in the next newsletter.

Missed Calls

The next newsletter will focus on a range of tools that have been added to address the issues of missed calls, including SMS callbacks, queue busting technology and more details on the Manager Console.

We would like to hear from you regarding any of your experiences with X-on's solutions, or requirements for the future - please call us on 0333 332 0000.