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December 2011: PhonePresence Distributed Call Centre

New Web Administration

X-on would like to wish you all the best over the Xmas break, and we look forward to assisting with improvements to your communications in 2012. The Cloud has become a mainstream concept over the last year, with companies appreciating the tangible cost savings and technology advantages to be gained in a tough economic environment. We have seen some substantial new clients in retail, distribution and the health sector join X-on and that has enabled us to invest heavily in new infrastructure and stay at the forefront of hosted voice, mobile and SMS services.

2012 Enhancements

Q1 2012

A new release of the X-on PhonePresence Distributed Call Centre product will be rolled out. This incorporates a completely new web administration interface using the latest web technologies for enhanced usability and responsiveness, plus an additional security layer.

Included in this release will be some important new features - a couple worthy of note:

  • Call blending: Agents can combine the processing of inbound calls from skill-based queues with outbound call requests, created individually or integrated with third party CRM or administration systems. Calls can be prioritised by various rule sets.
  • Browser based call activity monitor replaces the standalone application for seamless deployment. This will show a responsive real time view of call activity across the enterprise, or in particular groups, including performance indicators according to predefined KPIs.
  • Browser based 'popups' of incoming call, with or without data integration into third party data systems.

At the same time, deployment of the system will be on the latest refresh of X-on's 'shared nothing architecture'. This will be scaled to process around 3,000 simultaneous calls per data centre, with each data centre being self-sufficient. Scalability beyond this has been factored into the design.

Improvements to the call recording functionality will include the ability to tag recordings, plus enhanced search functionality. Recordings will be accessible directly from the browser, as currently, or downloaded for client-based decryption.

A new Corporate VoIP network allows Platinum clients to connect directly to two or more X-on data centres, via secure non-shared connections, from a single device using the Internet, or private MPLS, or other networks. This provides top level protection from intrusion, link failure or Quality of Service erosion.

X-on will be enhancing our PCI and ISO27001 compliance with additional security and encryption methods.

Q2 2012

X-on's Alert emergency notification product will be ported to the new infrastructure, increasing simultaneous contact capacity and allowing additional features and bespoke services to be added.

X-Live will be launched. X-Live is a configurable live web dashboard integrated into call centre and notification systems. Customers will be able to create dashboards and live reports using drag-and-drop directly from the browser.

X-Live is a configurable live web dashboard integrated into call centre and notification systems

Q3-4 2012

X-Flow will allow customers to configure call flows and service logic flows through a live flowchart environment accessed from their browser. X-Flow uses existing structures to allow advanced features such as:

  • Service creation and testing from the browser with test and live versions
  • Service templates
  • Multi-language / time zone support
  • Real time version control with rollback to earlier versions

X-Flow is part of X-on's ongoing mission to be agile to new customer requirements.

Scheduled for 2013

X-on will be enhancing the product range with a variety of mobile interfaces and further integration with non-telephony networks such as Google, Skype. X-on will continue to be driven by customer demands and meet the requirements of existing and new clients.