COVID-19 Safety Statement

The safety of our employees, partners and customers is of prime importance to X-on. Our staff are key workers who have continued to work throughout the lockdown period. In the eventuality of a second wave, X-on will monitor the situation as it evolves and activate our Business Continuity team to execute the successful measures outlined in our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan.

We have enforced the most stringent health and safety provision following our COVID-19 risk assessment, both at our offices and when visiting customer sites.

We are working with our suppliers to assure continuity and customers can remain confident that we will be able to maintain supply of services and hardware.

Our Surgery Connect GP@Home product is specifically designed to provide a telephony solution for health staff working from home and X-on employees use similar functionality to work from home where roles permit. Additionally X-on has developed improved methods of remote provisioning of services to minimise site visits.

The actions taken by X-on to date have enabled us to continue working successfully throughout lockdown and we anticipate meeting a potential second wave with the same determination to minimise disruption to business while maintaining the highest safety measures.