York Medical Group integrated Surgery Connect into a business transformation plan influenced by national NHS priorities

York Medical Group

Business Transformation

York Medical Group Business Transformation

November 2018

York Medical Group is a super partnership of eight sites serving 44,000 patients in the historic city of York. As a fully merged practice, operating a GMS contact, they provide a full spectrum of general practice services such as child health, immunisation, counselling, methadone substitution, patient health reviews, an urgent care clinic and minor surgery. York Medical Group is an accredited training practice aligned with Hull York Medical school and is a member of the City and Vale Alliance, a patient GP federation covering 100,000 patients across ten practices.

November 2018

The Challenge

York Medical Group decided to choose their own communications provider rather than adhere to the recommendation of their CCG. Their CEO, Zulf Ali, was implementing a business transformation plan influenced by national NHS priorities: "It was a tough decision to go it alone for YMG partners, given the history of telephone systems implementation not going well. However, our phone system was the single biggest barrier in our transformation journey; we could not wait and leave it to others to find a solution for our specific needs. We put together a comprehensive tender, selected a range of providers of all shapes, sizes and solution types."

The Solution

After a thorough review process Surgery Connect was selected: "We selected X-on, who were in a class of their own. They got General Practice and understood our specific issues, and had a solution that worked straight out of the box technically and would flex as we evolve as a practice."

Surgery Connect has provided York Medical Group with patient-facing communications in keeping with their vision for an improved healthcare service for both staff and patients. The transition for all 8 sites went smoothly, satisfying the exacting standards of the CEO and team at York Medical Group.

York Medical Group - Zulf Ali

York Medical Group Says

"With many moving parts to align and manage, documentation, pre-planning, project management, user training, the big switch over; all had to be executed meticulously. We were aware our colleagues were watching with interest.

"We decided to cut over all 8 sites at once, publish a new single number, and kept our old system running in the background just in case! Delighted to report, the entire process could not have gone better.

"X-on delivered to my very high and precise expectations and had delivered on every promise and agreement. Both staff and patients are delighted.

"My managers can resource the phone with live call data and are engaged in tweaking our messages and options, call handlers can see their stats, and so productivity is improving.

"We are delighted with X-on and highly recommend their solution."

Zulf Ali
Chief Executive Officer
York Medical Group

For further information on Surgery Connect please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.